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Having trained as a fine artist I have often been drawn to the tactile surface.  Whether this is through my paintings and sculptures in beeswax or latterly in pattern.  This love of the tactile surface started at quite a young age with a collection of antique lace.   I am drawn to the opulent and maximalist interiors of the Baroque as well as the Arts and Crafts. If it has pattern and texture then I am all over it!


Taking instruction from the book Pattern Design by Lewis F. Day I work out my designs the old-fashioned way.  When I am happy with my designs I will then digitise them and play with colour.  The digital aspect allows me to create colourways that can be changed to suit the interior and allow for a bespoke element to the patterns.


After recently renovating our home I realised that it was in need of pattern and colour so have embarked upon a vast creative undertaking which has led to some surprising outcomes.  The intention is to furnish my house over the years with patterns I have created.  Like most things, this will take time but I am determined to complete the task I have set myself no matter how long it takes.

For more information about my fine art practice click here.

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